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Our purpose is to support, inform, enable and empower. 


It’s critical to understand the ever-evolving complex political, policy and regulatory and legal requirements governing this UK market. We provide expert consultancy services to organisations exploring potential investments in the UK energy sector, helping them understand the nature, scope and challenges associated with the energy transition. 


And where there are challenges, there are also significant opportunities. We are uniquely placed to highlight and identify these opportunities and support businesses in their plans to optimise them.


Our Consultancy services include but are not limited to the following activities;


✓ We provide expert knowledge so that our clients can have a better understanding of the UK market structure. We also provide expert analysis of the political and legal context for potential investments and advice on emerging policy, regulation and incentives.


✓ We carry out independent analyses on, for example, the emerging disruptive technologies and practices. We help clients create their risk/opportunity register and support their stakeholder mapping exercises.


✓ We develop strategies for organisations so that they are well positioned to realise opportunities in the energy transition. And we can help them to establish where they are positioned between compliance and social responsibility, and to develop appropriate stakeholder engagement programmes.


✓ We assist in capacity building by delivering strategic training programmes, by developing and implementing tools to aid decision-making, and by mentoring executives to engage with complex environments.

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